Budget and Finance

HB 2006 regarding fiscal flexibility for counties appears to be dead for this legislative session. As a reminder, this bill would have removed nonsupplant language from the mental health sales tax and the levy lid lift statutes. It also would have moved the veterans and developmental disabilities out of the county general fund.

The bill made it out of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, but members continued to express concern regarding the nonsupplant language. Ultimately, there were too many legislative questions for HB 2006 to pass the Senate by Friday’s cut-off.


Last week, SB 6213, adding certain medical conditions to the presumption of occupational diseases for police and firefighters failed to pass out of the House Appropriations Committee on a 16-17 vote. The House resurrected the legislation on Thursday night and the expectation was that it would pass off the House floor on Friday.

Ultimately the House did not take action and the bill appears to be dead for this legislative session. The House did pass SB 6214, which would create a presumption and provide industrial insurance coverage for posttraumatic stress disorders. The bill is now on the way to the Governor for his signature.

Jennifer has over 20 years of legislative and government relations experience. She served as staff counsel to the Senate and House Transportation Committees, the Government Relations Director for the Washington State Department of Transportation, and Governor Christine Gregoire’s Legislative Director and Transportation Policy Advisor. She is the owner of Jennifer Ziegler Public Affairs, representing both public and private sector clients.

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