Juliana Roe


Case to Ban Marijuana Stands

Clark County’s authority to ban the retail sale of marijuana stands March 13, 2018 – The Division II of the Court of Appeals published its opinion finding that Clark County can lawfully ban the retail sale of marijuana within its incorporated areas. Clark County passed an ordinance which banned the retail sale of recreational marijuana within unincorporated Clark County. Subsequently,

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E2SHB 1783 Continues Forward with Funding

On Saturday, February 24th the Senate Ways & Means Committee heard E2SHB 1783 (Holy). This bill prohibits courts from imposing court costs on defendants who are indigent and eliminates interest accrual on non-restitution portions of legal financial obligations. We testified as “other” on this bill because we do not oppose the policy, but rather the resulting cost to counties.  However,

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Indigent Defense Funding Requests Update

Although we had a great hearing on HB 2687, we have been informed that the bill will not have a hearing in the House Appropriations committee. This means that the bill will not be moving any further through the legislative process. And, as we’ve known since the beginning of session, SB 6420 will not be given a hearing in the

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Veterans’ Assistance Levy Bill Heard

Last Thursday the Senate Ways & Means Committee heard SB 6031, sponsored by Sen. Van de Wege.  This bill separates the Veterans’ Assistance Levy from the county general levy. It further protects the levy from pro-rationing under the $5.90 limit.  WSAC testified in favor of the bill, as did Commissioners Helen Price Johnson and Randy Johnson.  Commissioner Gelder also provided

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