Building the Economy: Infrastructure Needs in Washington.

The benefits of infrastructure investment in Washington to support local, state and national economic growth. 

Infrastructure is the foundation of a strong, competitive economy and thriving communities. Washington State has a diverse economy – with significant technology, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture, trade and natural resources sectors benefiting rural, suburban, and urban communities.

Investing in Washington’ infrastructure could create 600,000 to 660,000 direct and indirect jobs. However, Washington’s infrastructure needs are estimated to be more the $190 billion. Long-term and continuous investment helps Washington and the nation grow. One-time investment packages help meet the most immediate need, but sustained investment is required to keep systems in working order. Regulatory reform simplifies processes and targets funding where it counts – lengthy, costly processes aren’t always needed for low-risk projects. Funding flexibility maximizes efficiency and results.

Cities, counties, ports and businesses are part of the solution. Local governments are on the front lines of infrastructure planning and development essential to business growth.

The full infrastructure report prepared by a coalition of cities, counties, ports and the business community is located below. An informational sheet with the highlights from the report is also below.

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