Body Cam Task Force Meets

In 2016, the Legislature passed HB 2362 outlining establishing privacy and public records protections for those jurisdictions with a body-worn cameras program. As a reminder, the legislation included the following provisions: Directs agencies that use body-worn cameras to address certain issues in locally adopted policies including when an officer is to begin or stop a recording. Strongly encourages the legislative authority

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Implementation of the Public Records Legislation

As you know, the Legislature passed HB 1594 and HB 1595 during the 2017 regular legislative session. The two bills authorize agencies to charge for the transmission of electronic records, make changes to the definition of an “identifiable public record”, create a local government grant program and require certain agencies to start reporting public records information to the Joint Legislative

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Senate Passes Public Records Bills

Last Friday afternoon, the Senate passed HB 1595 related to public records on a vote of 43-4. As a reminder, this bill would allow for a fee on electronic records based on gigabyte, would allow for a customized access fee, would provide that requests for “all or substantially all records of an agency” are not identifiable requests under the Public

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Public Records Bills Pass

The Senate State Government Committee Unanimously Passed Both Public Records Bills Both public records bills from the stakeholder process continue to move through the Legislature. HB 1595 passed out of the Senate State Government Committee with a unanimous vote and is eligible for consideration by the full Senate. HB 1594 also passed out of State Government with a unanimous vote

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