Funding for Solid Waste Cut

Senate cuts funding for solid waste The Senate capital budget only provides $10 million dollars for Coordinated Prevention Grants (CPG).  This funding has historically been at a little over $28 million for several years and funds household hazardous waste collection.  The funding is distributed on a formula set by a base amount then added to by population numbers.  When funding

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Water bills heard in the House

Several bills dealing with the Hirst decision get hearings this week in the Washington State Legislature. The Senate was the first to introduce Hirst bills with SB 5024 and SB 5239.  They were heard early in session and set the stage for bills in the House. After the hearings on the Senate bills, members of the Washington Water Policy Alliance

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Hydraulic Projects Bill Introduced

Counties have concerns over WDFW’s request legislation to increases fees, add requirements for residential marine shoreline bulkheads, and expand enforcement authority. HB 1428, relating to construction projects in state waters, was introduced by Representative Blake, chair of the House Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee.  The bill addresses four issues – hydraulic permits for residential marine bulkheads; expansion of fish habitat

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On the Lookout for Water Bills

A legislative “fix” for the Hirst decision yet to be dropped. A couple of water bills have been pre-filed for the beginning of the 2017 legislative session.  A bill to address the impacts of the Hirst supreme court decision has yet to be dropped.  A water bill of note, that looks to address issues arising from the Foster decision is

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