2017 Legislative Bulletin


Negotiations On Hirst Breakdown

Counties are not the water authority in Washington State and if required to determine connectivity and impairment for such small scale impacts as permit-exempt wells, it could take decades to develop the resources and expertise to manage water use in each county and the state will end up with 39 different “water codes” across the state. (Hirst Decision) As you

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Legislature Fails to Protect Public Safety

Olympia, WA – The Washington State Legislature released its operating budget, which disappointingly did not address the financial crisis facing communities across Washington. The budget failed to replace the arbitrary 1% cap on property revenue—the major funding source for counties and cities—with a cap actually tied to the factors that drive costs like inflation and the rate of population growth. “We

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Updated: Imminent Budget Agreement Possible

A very quick budget review with only 12 hours left to go before shutdown… June 29, 12:00 PM – The state budget documents were made available early this morning. There are about 1,100 pages to sort through, so we are still working to understand all of the details, particularly in the human services areas. However, based on a very quick

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Senate Passes Public Records Bills

Last Friday afternoon, the Senate passed HB 1595 related to public records on a vote of 43-4. As a reminder, this bill would allow for a fee on electronic records based on gigabyte, would allow for a customized access fee, would provide that requests for “all or substantially all records of an agency” are not identifiable requests under the Public

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