Marijuana Bills Could Impact Counties

Marijuana Restrictions (HB 2336) On Monday, January 8th, in the House Commerce & Gaming Committee, two bills were heard that are relevant to WSAC. One is HB 2336 sponsored by Rep. Sawyer to which we testified in opposition. This bill seeks to preempt municipal ordinances or regulations pertaining to the regulation of the production, processing, and retail sale of marijuana.

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Body Cam Task Force Meets

In 2016, the Legislature passed HB 2362 outlining establishing privacy and public records protections for those jurisdictions with a body-worn cameras program. As a reminder, the legislation included the following provisions: Directs agencies that use body-worn cameras to address certain issues in locally adopted policies including when an officer is to begin or stop a recording. Strongly encourages the legislative authority

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Bill to Fully Fund Public Defense Services Dropped – HB 2031

Olympia – On Wednesday, February 8th, our bill to fully fund public defense services, sponsored by Representative Appleton, was referred to the House Appropriations Committee as HB 2031 In 1963 the Supreme Court held, in the case of Gideon v. Wainwright, that the provision of Sixth Amendment lawyers for indigent people is a state obligation under the Fourteenth Amendment.  And

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Sheriffs and Police Officers Speak to the Importance of HB 1764

Olympia – Public safety officers reminded us how important HB 1764 is to the safety of our local communities. This video was recorded live on Facebook. See the the original Facebook post here. “Counties have 11% fewer employees then they had in 2008, there are 5% fewer road deputies then there were in 2008 as well” said Eric Johnson (Executive Director of

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