The 2019 transportation landscape

Just like that we are off and running. It’s day one, and hundreds of bills have been introduced, including a number of transportation-related legislation. Serious conversations are underway around a potential transportation revenue package by Senator Steve Hobbs, and House Transportation chair, Jake Fey, is interested in a “green transportation” package that would include electric vehicle incentives and electric vehicle

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Governor Inslees’s Budget Proposal

Last Thursday, Governor Inslee released his proposed 2019 budgets. Generally, the governor’s budgets are seen as an executive and judicial branch “wish list” that the legislature will consider along with their own priorities. The following is a summary list of the expenditures and new revenue proposed by Governor Inslee that may be of interest to the Counties. We won’t see

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Transportation & Public Works – Week 9

Last Friday was the cutoff for bills to be passed by the opposite house.  The legislature is in its final week of the session which ends on Thursday, March 8th.  Bills that were amended before they were passed one chamber must again be passed by the opposite as the final legislation, or amendments must be withdrawn, or a conference committee

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Transportation and Public Works – Week 6

Today is day 44 of the 60 day legislative sessions.  Capital, operating, and transportation budgets are being rolled out with the first hearing on the Senate capita budget held yesterday.  Hearings on the operating and transportation budgets are scheduled for today. The Senate supplemental capital budget makes increases in a number of projects with some new funding for projects, as

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