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Mount Vernon

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Widely known for its exceptional scenery—including the countless, colorful rows of tulips cultivated for the annual tulip festival—Skagit County boasts one of the state’s most diverse and well-rounded economies, with a diverse array of manufacturing, agriculture, and service industries. South of Whatcom County, north of Snohomish County, and west of the Salish Sea, Skagit County boasts a unique landscape, partially shaped by volcanic lahars from neighboring Snohomish County’s Glacier Peak volcano. Surrounded by picturesque mountains in the East and the beautiful Washington coast in the West, Skagit County offers tremendous scenic variety in addition to its diverse selection of industries.

Originally established as an agricultural community, Skagit County continues to be one of the nation’s top seed providers, with about half of the world’s beet and Brussels sprout seeds, half of the U.S. parsley, cabbage and parsley seeds, and almost 100 percent of the U.S. Chinese kale, cabbage, and mustard seeds being grown in the Skagit Valley. Skagit Valley is also the home of Washington State’s oil production and refining industries, based around Anacortes. The growth of non-agricultural industries in the county has caused county population to bloom, resulting in the urbanization of preexisting towns like Mount Vernon and Burlington and encouraging a blossoming arts scene.