Fiscal Committees

For the first week of the legislative session, the fiscal committees will mostly focus on background budget briefings. Background briefings include an update on the status of the Children’s Health Insurance Program, the McCleary decision, and the Trueblood decision.  Each Budget Committee will also hold a public hearing on the Governor’s supplemental budget proposal. The Governor’s proposal includes an appropriation to the Department of Commerce to conduct a local government study. We continue to express support to legislators for this provision and are pursuing a policy bill that includes more detail regarding the study components.

Labor and Employment Committees

Both the House and the Senate Labor and Employment Committees are hearing and likely will vote on gender pay equity legislation in the first week of the legislative session. Additionally, both Committees will consider bills prohibiting employers from asking about arrests or convictions before an applicant is determined otherwise qualified for a position, as well as legislation regarding disclosure and discussion of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace. The expectation is that these bills will likely move quickly through their committees for consideration by their respective chambers.

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