Solid WasteSenate cuts funding for solid waste

The Senate capital budget only provides $10 million dollars for Coordinated Prevention Grants (CPG).  This funding has historically been at a little over $28 million for several years and funds household hazardous waste collection.  The funding is distributed on a formula set by a base amount then added to by population numbers.  When funding was cut to $15 million dollars in the 2015-2017 budget, the largest programs took a smaller share so that programs in the smallest jurisdictions could continue to function.

The Governor’s budget funded CPG at only $10 million and we are waiting to see what level the House funds CPG. With a funding level of only $10 million dollars, the smaller jurisdictions will likely not have enough to fund their programs at all.

Laura first became involved in government as a city council member for the city of Newport Washington and later became a County Commissioner in Pend Oreille County. She served for 6 years and represented the region on statewide and national boards. Laura and her family moved to Olympia in November of 2012 and she has worked for WSAC for four years doing policy work on natural resources, land use and environmental issues.