HB 2503 – Zoning Regulations

Regarding the accessory dwelling units (ADU) allowed under the Growth Management Act and allowing counties flexibility in regulating and placing ADU’s.

HB 2518 – Mobile Home Parks

Deals with the siting of mobile home parks for senior citizen affordable housing.  This is a permissive bill not requiring the siting of these parks, but allowing counties flexibility.

HB 2599- Long-Range Planning Costs

Allowing the collection of reasonable fees to cover long-range planning.  This language was promoted by counties a couple of years ago and has been taken back up by the legislature.

HB 2789- Annexations

Increases the requirements of the percentage of voters and property valuation for approval of an annexation.

SB 6328-Habitat Conservations Areas

Defines best available science must be peer-reviewed for use in wildlife habitat conservation designations under critical area ordinances (CAO’s).

Laura first became involved in government as a city council member for the city of Newport Washington and later became a County Commissioner in Pend Oreille County. She served for 6 years and represented the region on statewide and national boards. Laura and her family moved to Olympia in November of 2012 and she has worked for WSAC for four years doing policy work on natural resources, land use and environmental issues.