Olympia, WA Last Thursday the Legislative Steering Committee (LSC) held their first committee meeting of the year at the Capitol Campus. With ten new members joining LSC this year, the agenda included briefings on communication strategies and legislative priorities before face-to-face meetings with legislators
WSAC Priorities
One of WSAC’s legislative priorities this session is to secure full funding for trial court indigent defense spending. Trial court indigent defense is a civil right and ultimately a state responsibility that counties perform on behalf of the state. Other priorities include a fix for the Hirst decision, additional funding for Foundational Public Health, and replacing the 1% property tax cap with one that is based on inflation and population growth. 
LSC members engaged in Q&A sessions with David Schumacher, the Director of the Office of Financial Management and State Senator Sharon Nelson. While the conversation focused on WSAC’s legislative priorities, there was an overall emphasis on working together to help create better solutions for county and state government. 
Get Engaged!
Staff briefed members on how to engage with WSAC’s social media during the legislative session and introduced new tools and resources that will be implemented in the upcoming year. For members who were not in attendance, please remember to follow WSAC on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Also, if you are not receiving WSAC’s weekly Legislative Bulletin, you can join the mailing list by signing up to the right.  
Training Videos
If you are planning to visit Olympia during the legislative session (and we hope that you do!), there are videos on the WSAC website that go over the basics of navigating the legislative website, passing notes onto the floor and testifying in committee. You can see all the videos here

Paige graduated from Western Washington majoring Political Science and Communications. She also holds a Masters in Public Administration from Seattle University. Early in her career, Paige ran a campaign in Snohomish County before serving as a Legislative Assistant at the Washington House of Representatives. As the External Communications Manager for WSAC, she manages all the organization's publications and social media.