Both the House and Senate are under pressure to pass bills to the other chamber by 5:00 Wednesday which is the next cutoff. The Senate worked several hours on Saturday but mostly approved Gubernatorial appointments. The fact that neither chamber passed many bills this weekend indicates that Wednesday’s cutoff will be the death of a very large number of bills.

WSAC is very focused on pointing out to the Legislature that a large number of bills that cost counties money appear to be moving, while bills that would either save counties money or provide additional revenue are not moving. This will only exacerbate the already precarious fiscal situation of many counties.

This message will be a theme for the WSAC Legislative Steering Committee, who will be meeting in Olympia Wednesday evening and Thursday of this week.

General County Government

Legislation providing that any non-charter county over 400,000 must be governed by a five-member commission elected by districts (HB 2887) passed the house 83-14 (1 excused). Currently, Spokane County is the only county to meet the criteria of the bill, and the goal of the bill is aimed specifically at Spokane County.

WSAC has consistently opposed this type of legislation, which has been discussed for several years. The Senate Local Government Committee killed a Senate version of this bill earlier this session and we hope to stop HB 2887 there as well.


Josh Weiss started working in Olympia in 1998 and in addition to spending the last 8 years at WSAC, has served as nonpartisan counsel to the House of Representatives, Legislative Director for the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Environmental Policy Director for the Washington Forest Protection Association representing private forest landowners. Josh is a graduate of Central Washington University and the Vermont Law School, and is a fourth generation Washingtonian.

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