Public Health is Essential is a campaign for funding that supports core public health services statewide.

Within the coming weeks, you may begin to hear the tag line, Public Health is Essential in a variety of media.  This campaign is referring to WSALPHO’s and other public health partners top legislative priority- a state down payment that funds what is referred to as Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS).  FPHS will ensure all residents can depend on a core set of services which only governmental public health can provide.

Providing public health services and response is a shared state and local responsibility. Some public health services are so critical that they must be provided to every resident of Washington state. Other public health needs may be unique to certain regions of our state so each community determines and implements locally driven priorities based on local needs.

Our public health system has an agreed-upon set of core services that the state should financially support so that every community in Washington has equal access to public health programs and services. The legislature is being asked to support those core services and to allow local public health to rebuild the system with added efficiency by providing the following down payment for the 2017-18 biennium:

  • $50 million for local health departments
  • $6 million for state Department of Health
  • $4 million for modernization

In December the Governor released his budget proposal and included of $23.8 million to support FPHS efforts. WSALPHO and stakeholders are committed to seeking the full down payment of $60 million, the original total request, while still being responsive to the Governor’s request.


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Brynn Brady of Ceiba Consulting is an experienced lobbyist and facilitator with more than 14 years experience building relationships with state and local elected officials, city and county governments and the business and non-profit communities. She represents a broad range of clients with interests in public health, health care, transportation, salmon recovery, growth management, the environment and financial institutions.