Work Session on Tuesday

The first week of session is already proving to be a busy one for public health.  On Tuesday morning, WSALPHO and the Department of Health will be participating in a work session with the Senate Health and Long-Term Care Committee.  Included in the discussion will be a summary of foundational public health services (FPHS) as it relates to federal funding. 

The Department of Health will provide an overview of our federal funding is distributed to our state and WSALPHO will provide examples of how funds are used locally, and the impacts cuts have to provide FPHS across the state.  Of note is the recent cut to the Public Health Prevention Fund, which local health jurisdictions used to prioritize health programs in their jurisdiction.  Common programs across the state included opiate prevention, youth suicide, youth tobacco prevention, and chronic disease work. 

WHEN: Tuesday, January 9, 10:00 am, Senate Hearing Room 2, Cherberg (JAC) Building. (Agenda & materials)

On-Site Sewage Issues 

On-site sewage issues, a carry-over from the 2017 session is also a priority for WSALPHO this first week.  HB 2420 (Hargrove) concerns state board of health rules regarding on-site sewage systems.  WSALPHO, the Department of Health, and State Board of Health have worked with the bill sponsor to ensure that the public’s health will still be protected with new language.  However, WSALPHO still has concerns about diminishing local health officer authority to adequately protect health in sensitive areas across the state. 

WHEN: Thursday, January 11, 8:00 am, House Hearing Room B in JLOB.  (Agenda & materials)


Jaime Bodden

Jaime Bodden is the Managing Director for WSALPHO. Previously, Jaime managed and oversaw the operations of a small health department as Health Officer/Director. Additionally, Jaime has experience in community engagement, health promotion, global health, and health policy. She holds Master degrees in Social Work and Public Health from Washington University in St. Louis.