Public Records Bills Pass

The Senate State Government Committee Unanimously Passed Both Public Records Bills

Both public records bills from the stakeholder process continue to move through the Legislature. HB 1595 passed out of the Senate State Government Committee with a unanimous vote and is eligible for consideration by the full Senate. HB 1594 also passed out of State Government with a unanimous vote and had a public hearing in Senate Ways and Means on Friday. The State Government Committee did amend HB 1594 to include new reporting requirements. Agencies must annually report to JLARC on the following items:

  • Time to respond to public records requests;
  • Comparison of estimated and actual response times;
  • Number of requests where additional clarification was sought from the requester;
  • Number of requests denied or abandoned by the requester;
  • Number of requests fulfilled electronically;
  • Costs incurred in responding to records requests, managing and retaining records and litigating public records claims;
  • Expenses recovered by the agency from requesters; and
  • Measures of requester satisfaction.

HB 1594 is up for Executive Session in the Senate Ways and Means committee today at 1:30 pm. See the committee documents.

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