Late last Friday the House made one more attempt to push through SB 6015, the bill that would significantly increase local government liability pertaining to wrongful death.  We had been hearing rumors all day that it might be the “5 o’clock” bill.  The 5 o’clock bill is the last bill that a chamber brings up before the 5:00 pm floor cutoff and is generally considered the most contentious bill a respective chamber will pass. Consideration of a 5 o’clock bills has to be started before 5:00 pm but can continue well after.  

We were nervous and pacing all days, and sure enough at 4:55 pm the House brought SB 6015 up and then promptly went to caucus. After an incredibly tense 90 minutes, the House returned to the Floor and promptly adjourned without taking action on the bill.

Thanks to you and all the work you did throughout the session and especially working the doors on Thursday morning, there simply weren’t the votes to pass the bill.  SB 6015 is dead, and your effort made the difference.  


Brian Enslow

Brian has spent the majority of his career in public service and brings over 15 years of state fiscal and policy experience. He has carefully built a reputation in Olympia based on integrity and credibility. He provides advocacy and influence in executive and legislative processes and strategic consulting and strategy development for clients. Prior to forming his firm, he served as the Senior Policy Director at the Washington State Association of Counties.

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