Senate advances bills that expands county liability

SB 6015  represents a substantial expansion to the number of people who may file a claim and the damages for which they may seek redress for wrongful death. It is expected to considerably increase the costs to public entities.  The bill passed off the Senate floor Friday night on a mostly partisan vote. 

The loss of a loved one is a terrible event, and the current law allows for the compensation to parents in the event of a minor child’s death or the death of an adult child if the parent is financially dependent.  However, this bill expands payouts in the death of a “child” to any age, even if the parent was not financially dependent. It also allows beneficiaries to collect both economic and non-economic damages.  

Local government might be agreeable if this change were coupled with an elimination of joint and several liabilities.


Brian Enslow

Brian has spent the majority of his career in public service and brings over 15 years of state fiscal and policy experience. He has carefully built a reputation in Olympia based on integrity and credibility. He provides advocacy and influence in executive and legislative processes and strategic consulting and strategy development for clients. Prior to forming his firm, he served as the Senior Policy Director at the Washington State Association of Counties.

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