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The good and the bad, what do initiatives mean for counties?

Initiatives can have large impacts on counties. In this second part of our election series blog posts, we look specifically at initiatives and their effects. The first post looked at changes within the legislative membership and the last post will look at the what happened within the WSAC membership. —————— In addition to half of the state Senate and all of

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What Legislative Elections Mean for Counties

As counties are an arm of the state, the legislative branch, is very important to WSAC’s and the legislature’s relationship. This post is the first of three blog post series to highlight what this mid-term election means for counties. The second post will look at initiatives and third will look at the changes within the WSAC membership.  —————— The 2018

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Olympia Update – Week 6

  Both the House and Senate are under pressure to pass bills to the other chamber by 5:00 Wednesday which is the next cutoff. The Senate worked several hours on Saturday but mostly approved Gubernatorial appointments. The fact that neither chamber passed many bills this weekend indicates that Wednesday’s cutoff will be the death of a very large number of

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Senate Set to Act on Voting Rights

This morning, on a mostly partisan vote, the Senate passed the Voting Rights Act HB 6002.  Concerns voiced by County Auditors resonated with the Chamber as evidenced by an amendment sponsored by Sen. Darnielle that removed the most problematic provisions pertaining to ranked choice voting.   Otherwise, the bill remains unchanged.  The House is yet to pull their version to

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