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Election Reimbursement and Wrongful Death Bills

Bills to have the state pay for ballot return postage and also pay its proportional share of all elections—not just elections in odd-numbered years—continue to advance, and the Washington State Association of Counties continues to support these measures. This week, new bills came out which combine each of these policies into one bill. House Bill 1481 and Senate Bill 5500

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Wrongful death bills are moving!

The Washington State Association of Counties has long fought against various versions of expanded wrongful death tort liability and there are new bills (very similar to last year’s bills) seeking to expand these claims again this year. WSAC has never opposed the inherent policy behind wrongful death claims: these stories are tragic and heartbreaking, and counties should be liable when

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Wrongful Death Fails to Pass House

Late last Friday the House made one more attempt to push through SB 6015, the bill that would significantly increase local government liability pertaining to wrongful death.  We had been hearing rumors all day that it might be the “5 o’clock” bill.  The 5 o’clock bill is the last bill that a chamber brings up before the 5:00 pm floor

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Wrongful Death: House Hearing Senate Bill

SB 6015, Wrongful Death, passed the Senate and is very much still alive this session.  The Senate Bill is being heard this week in the House Judiciary Committee As a reminder, the House version passed both the House policy and fiscal committees respectively and perhaps only failed to pass off the House Floor since the Senate version of the bill had

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