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WA Communities In Crisis

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Counties are responsible for law enforcement, criminal justice, and public safety services. But, for the last decade, Washington counties have faced a 1% cap on the annual revenue increases they can receive.

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Download and print more information regarding the 1% property tax cap as provided by the Washington State Association of Counties. This informational document goes into more depth on the issue and what it means for counties.

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Washington State Association of Counties has created an interactive map that allows you to see how property taxes would affect individual counties within Washington State.

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Counties are Being Left Behind

The State reliance on Sales & Use tax, and other revenue streams, is
resulting in economic recovery for the state while counties are left behind.

For comparison the State of Washington:

  • Receives revenue from 36 separate taxes
  • Relies on property tax for ~10% of its General Fund revenue
  • Generates revenue through the Retail Sales & Use Tax, which grows annually at an average rate of approximately 6%
General Fund chart of income sources


Counties across the state have experienced:

  • Reduction in the number of deputies on the road
  • Cuts to law enforcement training
  • Delayed public safety response times & justice proceedings
  • Caps on inmates booked into county jails
  • Overcrowding in jails
  • Increased diversion from road funds for law enforcement
  • Dangerous road and bridge conditions

A New Approach is Needed

Lawmakers need to replace the 1% property tax cap with a cap to a factor of inflation plus the rate of population growth – the actual factors that drive county costs. Locally accountable officials will then be able to publicly decide whether or not to utilize the new cap.

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