Washington Association of County Commission/Council Clerks (WACCC)

The purpose of the Washington Association of Commission/Council Clerks (WACCCs) is to promote interaction among the Clerks of Board of County Commissioners and Councils; to create a source of contact for Clerks to gather information, to further education and professionalism, and to better serve County Government and their constituencies in Washington State.

The Clerk of the Board serves as the Clerk to the County Commission/Councils. They are responsible for recording all official actions of the legislative body. The Commission/Councils actions are considered permanent historical records. In addition to compiling and maintaining Commission/Council records, Clerks also act as the liaison for the Commission. This means they communicate for the Board and establish/maintain relationships with/for the Commissioners/Councilmembers. Clerks manage the Commissioner’s office, arrange the Board’s meetings/appointments, process all of the information that comes into the office be it through phone, mail, email, personal visits or fax and alerts the Commissioners/Councilmembers to important issues. Clerks are often charged with composing all of the public information that leaves the Commissioner’s office. They often work in a confidential capacity and are required to support the Board in their handling of personnel issues, potential litigation, contractual issues, agency enforcement issues and other items that are sensitive in nature.

It is imperative that the Clerk know and understand the laws that govern their business, like the Open Public Meetings Act, Appearance of Fairness Doctrine, Ethical Codes, and Public Disclosure Laws. Clerks should also have a good understanding of political science and public policy issues that affect the citizens they serve. The position requires strong communication skills as the Clerk is often the primary point of contact for the Commissioner’s office. They must be able to communicate policies, procedures and handle situations effectively.

It is important to note that Clerk of the Board/Council positions are not a one size fits all, and do differ in duties and functions County by County.
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Paige graduated from Western Washington majoring Political Science and Communications. She also holds a Masters in Public Administration from Seattle University. Early in her career, Paige ran a campaign in Snohomish County before serving as a Legislative Assistant at the Washington House of Representatives. As the External Communications Manager for WSAC, she manages all the organization's publications and social media.