WSAC Welcomes Annika!

WSAC would like to introduce a new addition to the Communications team, intern Annika Vaughn!

Annika will be interning under Derek Anderson and Paige DeChambeau as a part of the Communications Department of WSAC for the entirety of the summer. Currently a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Washington, Annika is majoring in Political Science with an emphasis in Comparative Politics, which she intends on exploring while she is abroad in Australia during the upcoming school year. Being a second-generation Olympian, Annika was exposed to politics at a young age, which led her to page for the Washington State House of Representatives when she was fifteen. Following her time paging, Annika decided to pursue government work as a potential career path, leading her to study politics while at college in Washington, Canada, and soon Australia.

While at WSAC, Annika will be performing a wide variety of duties, including job shadowing, writing, and conducting research. Her primary project will be writing a publication that will highlight partnerships formed by WSAC’s Business Partner Program, which helps link private businesses with counties. This publication will feature current and past projects worked on by WSAC’s business partners and counties, demonstrating the wide range of county and private sector collaboration. Annika will be contacting both county officials and representatives from WSAC’s business partners to gather information for the publication, ensuring that both perspectives involved in the collaboration process are represented. The publication is scheduled to be released in mid-August and will be sent to key decision makers in all 39 counties.

Annika will also be assisting Paige with writing county spotlights that will be released periodically throughout the year. For this project, Annika will be contacting county commissioners to collect information about the current undertakings and operations occurring within each county. These spotlights will both provide a platform for commissioners to highlight ongoing county projects and will allow them to provide insight into what makes their county unique.

Overall, Annika is looking forward to having a first-hand look at county operations and to gain a better understanding of day-to-day county operations. She is extremely happy to be a part of the WSAC team this summer and is very excited to share her projects with you!

Annika Vaughn is a current Political Science undergraduate at the University of Washington. Despite being a second-generation Olympian, her interest in government work began at the age of 15 when she was a Legislative Page for the Washington State House of Representatives. After completing her undergrad, Annika plans on entering the workforce before returning to school for her master’s degree.

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