Nothing Left But the Big Stuff

The legislative session passed its last major hurdle before the end of session – Wednesday was the cutoff for bills needing to pass out of their opposite house. All that is left is for bills that were amended to be approved or rejected by their original house. That, and all of the big stuff the legislature has not yet gotten

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Not All News From Olympia is Bad

The standard effective date for new legislation is 90 days after the legislature adjourns sine die. Few bills are passed, signed into law, and take effect before the legislative session adjourns. Two bills have that honor so far this year. The first was HB 1064 – the “fix” to Initiative 940, addressing the use of deadly force by law enforcement personnel. That

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Fiscal Flexibility Bill in Danger

HB 1718, a bill to provide cities and counties some flexibility with existing resources, is in danger of dying in the House. The bill, prime-sponsored by Representative Mike Volz, a Republican from the 6th Legislative District, and including a bi-partisan list of secondary sponsors, would Remove prohibitions on supplanting existing local government expenditures with proceeds from a locally imposed 0.1-percent

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Governor Inslees’s Budget Proposal

Last Thursday, Governor Inslee released his proposed 2019 budgets. Generally, the governor’s budgets are seen as an executive and judicial branch “wish list” that the legislature will consider along with their own priorities. The following is a summary list of the expenditures and new revenue proposed by Governor Inslee that may be of interest to the Counties. We won’t see

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