Foundational Public Health Services – through HB 1497 – just got a big show of support on the Hill. On Tuesday, the House voted 94-4 to pass HB 1497 off the floor.

This is an increase in bi-partisan support for FPHS from 2017’s session. The bill is now in Senate Health and Long Term Care committee and we’re excitedly awaiting a hearing!

On March 6th, WSAC and WSALPHO joined a number of public health partners including the state nurses association, medical association, University of Washington, and community non-profits.

In total, nearly 200 people participated in the event with 75 representatives from local health jurisdictions. Participants were able to meet with legislators from almost every district, and the main issue of the day was funding for public health and foundational public health services.

All in all – it was a great day working with partners to show collective support for FPHS!

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Jaime Bodden

Jaime Bodden is the Managing Director for WSALPHO. Previously, Jaime managed and oversaw the operations of a small health department as Health Officer/Director. Additionally, Jaime has experience in community engagement, health promotion, global health, and health policy. She holds Master degrees in Social Work and Public Health from Washington University in St. Louis.