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Add a little fun to your next road trip with the County Courthouse Pass! Discover what makes each of our 39 counties in Washington State so unique by visiting the county seat and checking out the courthouse. While you are there, get your courthouse pass stamped, and repeat until you have filled your pass.

What is the County Courthouse Pass?

The County Courthouse Pass is your guide to exploring all of Washington’s 39 Counties. On your next trip, bring your pass with you and stop by the County Courthouse for a stamp. Don’t forget to snap a picture of your new stamp and post it on your favorite social media platform using one or all of the following hashtags #IheartWACounties #CountyQuest #ExploreWA.

Once you’ve collected all 39 stamps, stop by the WSAC office to get your final stamp and a prize!

How can you get a pass?

Stop by your local courthouse to pick up a pass in-person. They are available for free in the County Commissioner or Council Office. If you would like to request one be mailed to you, please complete the following online form.

Request Form

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Steps for a Fun-Filled County Adventure:

1. Start Planning

If you have an upcoming trip, consider adding an extra stop or plan a fun day trip. Need a map or looking for fun facts about counties? Check out the resources on this page for more ways to enhance your trip.

2. Take Your Trip

Get your travel music playlist loaded and don’t forget the snacks.

3. Arrive At a Courthouse

Locate the County Auditor’s Office or County Commissioner/Council office and ask to get your pass stamped. Be sure to check office hours and remember that county offices are closed on the weekends.

4. Share!

Take a selfie with that beautiful courthouse behind you or grab a picture of your freshly stamped courthouse pass with the county seal and post it for your friends to see. Don’t forget to include #IheartWACounties#CountyQuest#ExploreWA in your post so we can see it too!

5. Continue

Continue collecting your stamps and sharing your progress on social media.


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