Foundational Public Health Services Passes the House!    

Washington State Legislative Building February 2017. Photo by Paige DeChambeau

HB 1432, concerns Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS) and directs Department of Health (DOH) to work with LHJs and develop a shared services project for epidemiology assessment and communicable disease monitoring and response.  It also addresses longer term public health needs through the development of a public health improvement plan. Utilized as a vehicle to discuss FPHS with legislators, advocates highlight the significant gaps in delivering core services and describe how capacity is stretched when resources are pulled from other programs.

On Thursday, March 2, HB 1432 passed the House of Representatives 86-12. An amendment was accepted that resolved concerns from some Republicans making way for strong bipartisan support.  The bill will likely be referred to Senate Health Care.

Brynn Brady of Ceiba Consulting is an experienced lobbyist and facilitator with more than 14 years experience building relationships with state and local elected officials, city and county governments and the business and non-profit communities. She represents a broad range of clients with interests in public health, health care, transportation, salmon recovery, growth management, the environment and financial institutions.