House of origin cutoff occurred Wednesday, February 14th and very few bills are left from what we were originally tracking.

In regards to land use bills, The State Building Code Council bill (HB 1622) is now in State Government in the Senate. This language clarifies member’s qualifications, administration support by DES, a change in licensing fees for architects, and an increase in building fees to support the building code council.

SB 6109 is now in House Local Government and has been amended to insert certain sections of the Wildland Urban Interface code into the building code after a mapping of the state has been completed by the building code council.

Environment and Natural Resource bills still alive include HB 1476 that requires the update of onsite septic management plans by a local health jurisdiction every five years. The legislation does not provide funding for the required updates and WSAC and WSALPHO will have members testifying in opposition to this bill.

There is only one Marbled Murrelet study bill still alive, HB 2285 establishes an advisory group under the Commissioner of Public Lands at the Department of Natural Resources to study the impacts and losses of an adopted Marbled Murrelet Habitat Conservation Plan. It has been placed in Senate Agriculture, Water and Natural Resources. Please contact your Senate member to support the passage of this bill.

Substitute SB 6140 promoting the efficient and effective management of state-managed lands that now includes some language from SB 6539 regarding compliance with the state’s fiduciary responsibility to trust beneficiaries will be heard in the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.

Laura first became involved in government as a city council member for the city of Newport Washington and later became a County Commissioner in Pend Oreille County. She served for 6 years and represented the region on statewide and national boards. Laura and her family moved to Olympia in November of 2012 and she has worked for WSAC for four years doing policy work on natural resources, land use and environmental issues.