water-glass-with-straws(web)A bill that addresses contaminated drinking water that stems from the lead content in drinking water found in water infrastructure (pipes, connections, and fixtures) is making its way through the legislative process.  SB 5745 sponsored by Senator Patty Kuderer (L-48, D) awaits floor action in the Senate.  

The bill will need to pass out of the Senate by 5 pm on March 8th to stay viable. 

The bill requires educational service districts (ESDs) to test drinking water and fixtures at public schools and prioritize schools for testing beginning with elementary schools that have not already been tested.  The test results would be available to the community and schools where the testing occurred. Overall, the testing requirements outlined in the bill align closely with recommendations from the State Board of Health and are outlined in the Governor’s budget.  The bill is subject to appropriations 

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