With both the policy and fiscal committee cutoffs occurring in Olympia, my work switches largely to defense.

The bills we are working to pass—prepaid ballot postage for elections, state paying for election costs regardless of the year, and public records assistance—are more or less in the form in which we want them, but the challenge is to keep them in that form and not have funding stripped from them or other changes made which we would not support.

So, I am working to defend them in their present versions and guard against changes. For the bills we oppose—wrongful death liability, for example—we continue to work to improve or try to stop in the process, although the fact that they have made it past cutoff is a very good indicator that they are going to make it all the way through the process.

Next week will be very busy with full Floor action in both the House and the Senate and I would expect to have status updates on a number of bills.


Mike Hoover

Mike Hoover is an attorney with over 25 years of experience working in state and local governmental affairs. Mike next served as Chief Legal Counsel to the King County Council before starting his own public affairs practice in 2018. He currently works with WSAC on policy issues pertaining to liability and finance.