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A Quick Rundown of Human Services & Public Safety Budgets

In the 2019-2021 biennial budget, the State invested a significant amount of money in the behavioral health system. Whether that funding is sufficient is yet to be seen because of the many, complex factors involved, including finalizing integration, and issues related to the state hospitals, capacity, staffing, and Trueblood. In the capital budget, $119.9 million is dedicated to community-based behavioral

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Recent Happenings with Grays Harbor Public Defense Case

In April of 2017, the ACLU filed a class-action lawsuit in Thurston County Superior Court against the State and the Office of Public Defense (OPD), and not the county, for failing to provide adequate public defense for juveniles in Grays Harbor County in Davison v. State of Washington. Davison contended that Grays Harbor County systemically failed to provide constitutionally adequate

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Fiscal Committee Cutoff #1

The legislature passed another major milestone on Friday, the date of the first fiscal committee cutoff. Bills had to be moved out of the fiscal committees – House Transportation, Finance, Capital Budget, and Appropriations; and Senate Transportation and Ways and Means – in order to keep moving this session. However, while no bill is ever truly dead until the legislature

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Fund – don’t study – Trial Court Public Defense

On Wednesday, January 16th WSAC testified at a hearing in the House Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee on our proposed legislation, HB 1086, that requires the state to provide funding for trial court public defense services by allocating an additional 10% per year. Rep. Chapman, the prime sponsor, did an excellent job testifying in favor of this proposal, as did Councilmember

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