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Fire in the Senate

A major hearing took place this week in the Senate as the Ways and Means Committee heard SB 5996 for the first time. This bill, known as the Wildfire Prevention and Suppression Act, was recently proposed and is intended to create a dedicated program for providing funding to improve the fire-fighting capabilities of our state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

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2SHB 1497 Signed by Governor!

On April 3rd, Governor Inslee signed 2HB 1497 - regarding foundational public health services. This law establishes a new framework and collaborative decision-making process between state and local governments in allocating funding to public health services. This is an exciting time for WSAC and WSALPHO and is the culmination of hard work dating back at least seven years. With FPHS
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Early Senate Floor Votes Support Public Health!

While the hill was abuzz with budget talk, the Senate voted bills off the floor supporting local public health. First, and most excitedly, HB 1497 – foundational public health services (FPHS) passed with a 44-1 (4 absent) vote! This is a tremendous show of bi-partisan support for governmental public health, particularly local public health. WSAC and WSALPHO advocated heavily on

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Counties Decide to Move Forward on Pursuing Legal Action

County leaders frustrated with the unfunded mandates and lack of support coming out of Olympia have authorized the Washington State Association of Counties to explore legal action against the State. Eastsound, WA (May 10, 2018) – As Counties begin working on their 2019 budgets, many are faced with the need to make cuts once again after the Washington State Legislature failed
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