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Bill Moves to Maintain PRA Protections

Senate Bill 6408, which was passed out of the Senate Policy committee last week, removes expiration dates, making current requirements PRA provisions governing body-worn cameras permanent and applicable to all law enforcement and corrections agencies deploying body-worn cameras.  The measure has broad support and results from the recommendations generated from a Legislative Taskforce, barring the unforeseen (and we are talking about the Legislature

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Body Cam Policy Debated

Legislature Considers Upholding Body Cam Policy In 2016 the Legislature approved legislation that helped make the adoption of body-worn police cameras more practicable.  Specifically, they addressed public records act (PRA) concerns that would have otherwise overwhelmed any benefit gained from wearing the cameras. These PRA provisions only covered jurisdiction on or after June 9, 2016, and before July 1, 2019.

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Body Cam Task Force Meets

In 2016, the Legislature passed HB 2362 outlining establishing privacy and public records protections for those jurisdictions with a body-worn cameras program. As a reminder, the legislation included the following provisions: Directs agencies that use body-worn cameras to address certain issues in locally adopted policies including when an officer is to begin or stop a recording. Strongly encourages the legislative authority

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