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Olympia Update – Week 6

  Both the House and Senate are under pressure to pass bills to the other chamber by 5:00 Wednesday which is the next cutoff. The Senate worked several hours on Saturday but mostly approved Gubernatorial appointments. The fact that neither chamber passed many bills this weekend indicates that Wednesday’s cutoff will be the death of a very large number of

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Olympia Update – Week 3

There are only 10 business days for legislative policy committees to hear and move bills before the first committee cutoff. The closer we get to this cutoff, the more hectic the pace becomes. WSAC will be covering dozens of hearings this week.  The House Appropriations Committee will be considering legislation supported by WSAC last year; HB 2006 (Koster) provides additional

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March 6th – Olympia Update

Last week was dominated by floor activity as the House and Senate worked to pass bills to the opposite chamber. Floor action has been eventful for bills that WSAC is engaged in. Most importantly, the House passed the two bills dealing with reforms to the Public Records Act, HB 1594 (McBride) and 1595 (Nealey). In the past, WSAC supported public

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Foundational Public Health Services Moves Past Cutoff

HB 1432/SB 5353 , Foundational Public Health Services (FPHS), directs the state Department of Health to work with Local Health Jurisdictions and develop a shared services project for epidemiology assessment and communicable disease monitoring and response.  It also addresses longer term public health needs through the development of a public health improvement plan. Utilized as a vehicle to discuss the FPHS budget request in

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