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Update on Laura’s Bills Still Moving

Land Use Bills There are a few land use bills we are watching for floor action. HB 2931 would increase energy efficiency requirements on residential buildings under the permit fee statute. It has been amended to change the lower efficiency requirement be the default standard. Also in the House is HB 2023 from last year that would preempt the effective

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Ecology Rule Affects Solid Waste Dollars

  On December 22, 2015, the Department of Ecology filed began the process of updating rules related to Coordinated Prevention Grants, specifically, WAC 173-312 and 173-313. This process has continued through the spring and summer. During this rulemaking process, Ecology used an existing advisory committee which included members from county solid waste facilities and environmental health directors from local health

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Abandoned RVs Possible Unfunded Mandate

Abandoned recreational vehicles (RV’s) are an increasing problem throughout Washington State. It is a violation of state law to abandon a junk vehicle on any property.  Past practice is for registered tow truck drivers to collect the abandoned vehicle and either collect a fee from the owner when contacted or dismantle and sell for reimbursement.  The Department of Licensing, the

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