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Week 2 – Land Use & Environment Bills

HB 1987- Affordable Housing Prevents counties from restricting the density of affordable housing development on property owned by a religious organization under certain conditions. This would require Counties to allow the density of the affordable housing development on religious owned properties to exceed density limits by two times the maximum density requirement of other structures. HB 2607 – UGA’s and

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Ecology Rule Affects Solid Waste Dollars

  On December 22, 2015, the Department of Ecology filed began the process of updating rules related to Coordinated Prevention Grants, specifically, WAC 173-312 and 173-313. This process has continued through the spring and summer. During this rulemaking process, Ecology used an existing advisory committee which included members from county solid waste facilities and environmental health directors from local health

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Ecology Updating Shoreline Procedures

The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) is seeking public comments on proposed changes to state procedural rules for managing shorelines.