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End of Session Report

Click on the image to download the full 2017 End of Session Report prepared by WSAC Staff. And now, we can finally and officially, Sine Die. Clocking in at 195 days, the 2017 legislative session topped all previous records for the longest in duration. The “session” was actually composed of one regular 105 day session, and three 30 day special
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2017 Legislative Session – Property Tax

http://wsac.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/1-Property-Tax.mp4 Additional ResourcesDownload the PDFCrisis InfographicTableau ChartLimit Property Tax Revenue to Inflation and Growth Counties only have two principal sources of tax revenue to support public services - property tax and sales tax - a structure that dates back to the farm-based economy of the 1850s. Property tax far exceeds any other revenue source for counties, accounting for nearly half
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