DFW Civil Enforcement Bill Introduced

Representative Fitzgibbon introduced HB 2337 giving the Department of Fish & Wildlife (DFW) civil enforcement authority for hydraulic project related violations. DFW’s civil enforcement authority currently is limited to a fine of $100 per day. The bill authorizes increasing the civil penalty to $10,000 per violation for infractions below the ordinary high water line and retains the current $100 per

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End of Session Report

Click on the image to download the full 2017 End of Session Report prepared by WSAC Staff. And now, we can finally and officially, Sine Die. Clocking in at 195 days, the 2017 legislative session topped all previous records for the longest in duration. The “session” was actually composed of one regular 105 day session, and three 30 day special
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Transportation & Public Works Update (2-20-17)

The 2017 legislative session passed its first cut-off milestone last Friday at which time policy bills needed to be reported out of committee.  Fiscal bills, including transportation and capital budget committee bills have until Friday, February 24th to get their bills reported out of committee. HB 1367, which allows counties to spend public funds on private roads, did not make

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