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End of Session Report

Click on the image to download the full 2017 End of Session Report prepared by WSAC Staff. And now, we can finally and officially, Sine Die. Clocking in at 195 days, the 2017 legislative session topped all previous records for the longest in duration. The “session” was actually composed of one regular 105 day session, and three 30 day special
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Senate Passes Public Records Bills

Last Friday afternoon, the Senate passed HB 1595 related to public records on a vote of 43-4. As a reminder, this bill would allow for a fee on electronic records based on gigabyte, would allow for a customized access fee, would provide that requests for “all or substantially all records of an agency” are not identifiable requests under the Public

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House Finance pass 1% Cap Bill

Olympia – This morning the House Finance Committee passed HB 1764 which would replace the 1% property tax cap with a new cap tracking inflation and population growth. The vote was party-line, though Ranking Minority Member Rep. Terry Nealey indicated a willingness to continue discussions. Comments from committee members consistently referenced the compelling testimony of the county and city representatives

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Updated: House Budget Helps Counties

This post has been updated with the letter that WSAC sent to the House of Representatives on March 29, 2017, regarding the budget and reiterating the main points made during Josh Weiss’s testimony at the House Appropriations Committee hearing on March 27, 2017.  Olympia – Today the House Democrats released their proposed spending plan for the 2017-2019 biennium. WSAC staff is

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