The Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) is proud to work with its business partners across multiple sectors that uniquely benefit members. Each month, WSAC highlights the products and services of one of its partners that may be of value to you. 

The Association of Washington Cities’ (AWC) Workers’ Comp Retro Program is a voluntary financial incentive program that helps employers reduce their industrial insurance costs through improved claims experience and refunds. Their mission is “every employee, home safe, every night” through training and tools that empower county, city, and other government employers to lower the risks for on-the-job injuries. Keeping your employees safe, and if something does happen, helping you navigate getting them back to work quickly and safely.

The Retro Program supports a diverse membership of 13 counties, many cities, and other districts where they have pooled their resources in order to mitigate risk and costs.

How does the Workers’ Comp Retro Program work?

The program focuses on injury prevention and safety to reduce overall workers’ compensation costs, and members participate in a Retro Pool to reduce additional costs.

While accidents do happen, it is important to work on mitigating any risk to employees in order to reduce the frequency and severity of accidents. The Retro Program uses performance information to track trends, develop relevant training, and share best practices.

The Retro Program provides on-site and virtual training for employees, risk assessments for the organization, and, if an accident were to occur, 24/7 online claims management and assistance throughout the process.

How could the Workers’ Comp Retro Program benefit your county?

As a member, your county will receive coverage, assistance and peace of mind if and when an accident does occur. You can ensure your county is in compliance with applicable regulations, is able to troubleshoot common issues, has access to customizable safety tools and templates, and is staying informed on the latest, up-to-date information.

Additionally, Retro Program members have received over $500,000 each year in “Stay at Work” reimbursements, with eligibility of up to $10,000 per claim.

You’ll also receive a subscription to the Your Retro Resource newsletter, an every-other-month publication containing important program information, L&I updates, safety and compliance tips, and upcoming training opportunities and dates to remember.


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