The Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) is proud to work with its business partners across multiple sectors that uniquely benefit members. Each month, WSAC highlights the products and services of one of its partners that may be of value to you.

three+one is an independent financial technology company that developed its cashvest® liquidity management service to assist municipalities and higher education institutions in maximizing the value of every single dollar through newly realized revenue, increased financial stability, maximized liquidity, and increased deposit yields. Since its launch in 2016, cashvest® has enabled municipal finance officials to return over $400 million to the taxpayers they serve.

How does cashvest® work?

According to three+one® CEO and Co-Founder, Joe, Rulison, cashvest® uses proprietary algorithms to evaluate a county’s financial history and provide them with a custom liquidity analysis – a breakdown of how cash can be best utilized for current and future operating needs, offsetting banking fees, and borrowing or earning opportunities.

It provides county financial officers the actionable data they need to make prudent cash, operations, and investment decisions. In addition, they do not sell or offer investment products, so counties can be confident that they are operating on objective third-party data free from competing interests.

How could cashvest® benefit your county?

Using cashvest® has been deemed a best practice by the National Association of Counties (NACo), and three+one® has been invited into a partnership agreement with WSAC. Both organizations have completed extensive due diligence to confirm the applicability and usefulness of the program as a quality resource for counties.

Cashvest® has worked with county governments across the country, most extensively with New York and South Carolina. They have committed to being thoroughly educated on the idiosyncrasies of Washington State’s unique laws governing public funds.

In the words of NACo FSC Executive Chairman Bill Jasien, “We talked to the most skeptical counties. When they bought in, and realized the power of the solution, that’s when we realized ‘let’s take this national.’”


WSAC recently hosted a County Connect & Learn where members had the opportunity to hear a presentation on the company’s services and have questions answered. Click on the link to watch the webinar if you would like to find out more information on how three+one® can work with your county.