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All organizations, large, small, private, and public, share an ever-growing problem. It is an issue that perpetually plagues the minds of leadership and IT professionals alike. As data and infrastructure grows and becomes more complicated, so do the threats facing digital security. And, while numerous security solutions are available on the market, many are costly, slow-moving options that strain limited budgets and leave counties vulnerable in the meantime.

Ednetics has partnered with WSAC to help counties explore, develop, and implement security solutions focusing on data integrity and maintaining operational continuity.

Who is Ednetics?

Ednetics is a Pacific Northwest-based integrated network solutions company with 20 years of experience working with government and education organizations to provide wired/wireless infrastructure and security, phone service, unified communications, broadcast, video security, access control, emergency notification, intrusion detection, server configuration, virtualization, and storage and backup solutions. They can ensure that not only is your county’s data safe, but its physical infrastructure is as well.

Because Ednetics’ team members specialize in local governments, they understand and know how to navigate both the legal and policy-related requirements your county is subject to. They offer consultation, complete project management, solution design, and ongoing support.

Instead of spending time teaching a security expert the ins and outs of local government, your county could immediately begin working with experts to assess security needs and implement solutions sooner.

How could Ednetics benefit your county?

Security solutions are often expensive, have lengthy timelines, or both. Fortunately, your county has a way to secure needed funding and speed up implementation.

The American Rescue Plan Act (H.R. 1319) included $65.1 billion in aid to every county in America, of which, the National Association of Counties (NACo) estimates that counties in Washington state will receive nearly $1.5 billion. The funds have recently been made available to local governments through 2024 and may be used by counties for COVID-19 response and infrastructure needs.

Ednetics can help upgrade or update your technology infrastructure and even help plan with new construction, getting your technology plan implemented from the ground up.

Their security and implementation experts have already worked to research and develop their recommendations for counties – but are ready and able to tailor a plan unique to your county’s needs.


Register for the WSAC Connect & Learn with Ednetics, part of WSAC’s monthly County Connect & Learn event series, to learn more about Ednetics’ services and ask questions of their staff. Be sure to keep an eye out for more upcoming presentations and click here to learn more about our WSAC business partners and how they can help your county.