Grays Harbor County

Grays Harbor County

Originally one of the most active sites of Washington’s timber industry, Grays Harbor County is a beautiful coastal county that now hosts a wide variety of industries, including tourism, manufacturing, social services, and natural resource extraction. Its position on the Washington coast makes it a prime location for fishing, water recreation, and tourism, and its stunning beaches attract many visitors throughout the year. Originally home to many coastal Salish Indian tribes, Grays Harbor County now benefits from the tourism the Quinault Tribe casino and resort brings to the coast.

Home to some of Washington’s best beach towns, Ocean Shores and Westport, county tourism continues to flourish in Grays Harbor and is beginning to expand, aided by a burgeoning craft brewery industry to attract visitors.


County Seat: Montesano

Incorporation Date: April 14, 1854

Form of Government: General Law

Area: 1,917 sq mi (4,965 km2)

Population: 74,160 (2019)

Etymology: Grays Harbor, a body of water named after explorer and merchant Robert Gray (1755–1806)