Pacific County Spotlight

Pacific County

Tucked in the southwest corner of the state, Pacific County is a coastal county known for its beautiful scenery and successful shellfish industry, which dominates both the state and the country. Willapa Bay, situated in the county’s coastal “hook”, is home to abundant oyster and cranberry production and boasts one of the most bio-diverse environments in the state. In addition to shellfish processing and cranberry production, Pacific County hosts a modest timber industry and a wastewater treatment plant that has been internationally-recognized for its excellent environmental management, both of which provide employment to Pacific County residents.

With its scenic coastline, ample fishing opportunities, surfable waves, plentiful seafood, and windy kite weather, Pacific County is also a popular tourist destination. Long Beach, one of the county’s largest towns, is a popular tourist destination and hosts the Washington State International Kite Festival every August. While manufacturing and extraction industries remain some of the county’s most important economic ventures, tourism represents a significant portion of the county economy and continues to grow in importance as more visitors choose to explore the Washington Coast.


County Seat: South Bend

Incorporation Date: February 3, 1851

Form of Government: General Law

Area: 975 sq mi (2,525 km2)

Population: 21,640 (2019)

Etymology: The Pacific Ocean