Data Resources

Data Resources

The Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) Research Program is a partnership between WSAC and the Washington State Association of County Engineers. The primary goal of the program is to collect, analyze, and present accurate and factual data in support of the WSAC Policy Program’s advocacy.

In doing so, we try to help inform policy decisions made by our members and legislators which may impact counties. The Research Program is striving to become the central conduit for county-based data and information. To achieve this goal, the Research Program compiles and publishes primary survey data and also organizes links to county data and information from many secondary sources.

Of these sources, none has proven more valuable than our partners at the Municipal Research and Services Center. We also respond each year to dozens of inquiries from county officials – ranging from simple requests to more complex questions requiring considerable research. The program utilizes a Tableau Public Page to maintain an interactive and updated County Trends dashboard and continues to try and create interactive data visualizations related to important and current county issues.

The Research Program is also dedicated to helping WSAC prepare training and educational materials that may become necessary throughout the year for our members or other important stakeholders interested in learning about county government.

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