Washington counties have a long and successful history of coordinating the provision of essential services to vulnerable citizens of Washington State with the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS)*. At the heart of these important, collaborative efforts are written agreements between DSHS and the counties of Washington, all of which incorporate fundamental “General Terms and Conditions” (GTCs), which are set forth in a separately executed contract between DSHS and each county. The current GTCs are due to expire at the end of June, 2023 which means that in order for this work to continue, DSHS must enter into new GTC agreements with each county and each local health jurisdiction.

DSHS is in the process of updating the current GTCs and soon will send the proposed GTCs to representatives of each county and each local health jurisdiction. DSHS requests that each county ensures that appropriate contracting personnel review the proposed GTCs that will be emailed later this month, then send their feedback, suggestions, and questions to DSHS no later than March 31, 2023 so that DSHS can incorporate them into the proposed GTCs. Once the final version of the GTCs are drafted, they will be sent to each county for execution.

Also, if you want to ensure the proposed GTCs get sent to a specific individual, do let us know by sending an email to one of the individuals listed below:

Thank you for your assistance with our GTCs renewal project. We look forward to hearing from you!

*RCW 39.34 empowers public agencies at the state and local level to take joint or collaborative action that ensures essential program services are provided in the most efficient and effective manner possible, provided that a written agreement is established between our agencies to record these activities.