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Toxic Tax Transformation

Along with the release of their Capital Budget proposal (SSB 5134), the Senate also recently proposed SB 5993, a measure intended to reform the financial structure of the model toxics control program. The model toxics control program is administered by the Department of Ecology, under the authority of the Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA). MTCA is the state’s environmental cleanup

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Transportation & Public Works – Week 9

Last Friday was the cutoff for bills to be passed by the opposite house.  The legislature is in its final week of the session which ends on Thursday, March 8th.  Bills that were amended before they were passed one chamber must again be passed by the opposite as the final legislation, or amendments must be withdrawn, or a conference committee

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Transportation and Public Works – Week 6

Today is day 44 of the 60 day legislative sessions.  Capital, operating, and transportation budgets are being rolled out with the first hearing on the Senate capita budget held yesterday.  Hearings on the operating and transportation budgets are scheduled for today. The Senate supplemental capital budget makes increases in a number of projects with some new funding for projects, as

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Transportation & Public Works Week 3

The good news is that legislature worked out issues on exempt wells last week and subsequently passed the 2017-19 capital budget.  The capital budget includes – for the first time – funding for the Fish Barrier Removal Board. A list of all projects can be found here. Fish barrier projects can be found by selecting the Rec. and Conservation Funding

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