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Mix-ups and an 11th Hour Vote Pass Vaccine Exemptions

Come cut-off time… you never know what can happen. Bills live on, die, are negotiated at length – all in last-ditch efforts to make it through the final cut-off. One such bill added extra drama on Wednesday and has been one of the most controversial bills this session. HB 1638 – which removes the personal and philosophical exemptions from MMR

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Gift Ideas for the Lobbyist Who Has Everything

What do you get for someone who appears to have everything? There are several helpful guides out there, online and in magazines, that profess to know how to surprise even the most difficult person to shop for. But none of those lists can help you give what every lobbyist in Olympia wants this time of year. Have you got it

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Playing Defense in Olympia

With both the policy and fiscal committee cutoffs occurring in Olympia, my work switches largely to defense. The bills we are working to pass—prepaid ballot postage for elections, state paying for election costs regardless of the year, and public records assistance—are more or less in the form in which we want them, but the challenge is to keep them in

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Olympia Update – Week 6

  Both the House and Senate are under pressure to pass bills to the other chamber by 5:00 Wednesday which is the next cutoff. The Senate worked several hours on Saturday but mostly approved Gubernatorial appointments. The fact that neither chamber passed many bills this weekend indicates that Wednesday’s cutoff will be the death of a very large number of

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