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You Win Some, You Lose Some – Transportation Budget Rundown

The Legislature spent dizzying final days passing bills and budgets in order to get done by their midnight deadline on April 28, in which they did, by literal minutes. Overall, the transportation budget turned out okay for Counties. The operating and capital budgets are another story. You can read more about those here. Fish Passage Barrier Removal The Legislature utilized

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It’s Negotiation Time!

We are now at that point in session when all of the budget proposals have been released and passed by their respective chambers. Now is the time for the real negotiation to begin. Conference Committees As with any bill, when the two houses cannot agree on what the bill should say, the bill will go to a conference committee. Members from

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Broadband Bills Heard in Committee

According to Governor Inslee, “Rapid technological innovation is transforming every school, every hospital, every company and every industry in Washington. Broadband service that allows citizens to connect to this innovation has become the critical infrastructure need of the 21st century.” To that end, he recently proposed a new Statewide Broadband office to serve as the central planning and coordinating body for public and

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Transportation & Public Works – Week 9

Last Friday was the cutoff for bills to be passed by the opposite house.  The legislature is in its final week of the session which ends on Thursday, March 8th.  Bills that were amended before they were passed one chamber must again be passed by the opposite as the final legislation, or amendments must be withdrawn, or a conference committee

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